Checklist for Youth Work Online session This document offers a simple checklist of things you consider before, during and after an online session. It should be used alongside your organisation’s own policies and procedures e.g. Digital Policy and Risk Assessments. Planning for your session: What do I need to facilitate? Decide which platform is best … Continued

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This is an example template of a media consent form to collect young people’s media permissions

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This is an example of a consent form template for young people to take part in youth work activities

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The following form is provided as a template only and must be customised as required by the youth work organisation. Youth work organisations should ensure that the form captures all information required for their specific needs and make necessary amendments

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Supervision is a two-way process, whereby the supervisor ensures the worker is accountable and is able to carry out their duties as effectively as possible, follow policy, procedure and good practice standards, and staff are enabled to obtain the necessary support and guidance to carry out their duties effectively.

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COVID-19 Readiness Level

Readiness Level


What does this mean?

** From 27th January 2022 we can confirm that the youth sector moves to GREEN in the readiness framework**

(Version 10)

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