A five-point plan was launched today calling for a national census to secure investment in youth services and a youth work guarantee to help transform the lives of millions of young people across the country. 

The NYA’s High-5 Manifesto sets out the priorities from early help for families to more choice for young people of places to go and things to do in their communities, with ready-access to quality youth work. A Minister and Cabinet Committee for Young People will be accountable to ensure no young person is ‘left behind’ in a rapidly changing world, and for young people to be treated fairly.

High-5 Demands

There are 5 core demands to set a positive agenda for young people, supported by the values and contribution of youth work, in an increasingly complex world.

Leigh Middleton, NYA Chief Executive said:
“Through the collective efforts of the youth sector and strength of voice of young people, the main political parties have committed to invest in youth work. Now is the time to put in place critical funding for local youth services, not a one-off fix but funding that is sustained over the long term. It requires the mobilisation of thousands of qualified youth workers and trained volunteers, as well as new and refurbished youth centres. This means a guarantee for youth work jobs, regional investment and local youth partnerships, and young people’s  inclusion in decision-making to reflect their experiences, needs and ambitions.” 

The High-5 Manifesto is published at the start of Youth Work Week, 4th-10th November. Just as MPs depart Parliament for the general election, on Friday 8th November Members of UK Youth Parliament will instead sit in the House of Commons chamber to debate the issues that matter to them most following a ballot of 825,000 young people, one of the largest consultations of young people in UK history.

The National Youth Agency (NYA) is the professional, statutory and regulatory body for youth work in England. It led a year-long cross-party inquiry on the role and impact of youth work, which reported in April 2019, and is responsible for the curriculum, qualifications, occupational standards and leading practice for youth work.

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