Youth Work in Private Dwellings

We have a legal and moral duty to safeguard the young people we work with. All work with young people in the youth sector must be free from harm and danger – there should be no compromise in standards. The NYA believes that youth work and youth sector activity delivered in private dwellings is fundamentally unsafe and should not take place.

Developed in response to direct requests from the youth sector, the Private Dwellings report aims to create a sector that is safer and offers better protection, wherever young people engage with youth work or sector activities.

This important resource ensures that youth workers are fully equipped to protect and safeguard young people, first and foremost. It also provides a useful reference for those commissioning youth work to ensure that their provision meets the optimum standards for safeguarding.  

The report includes a set of policy recommendations which place a greater onus on those delivering and commissioning youth work to be held accountable for the safety of youth work, including legislative changes; the registration of youth work spaces; and national guidance for local authorities.  

Youth Work in Private Dwellings: Safety first – no compromise

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