The GLA and GLA Peer Outreach Workers are looking for London based organisations to be part of the development and creation of the Young Londoners Fund Youth Participation Toolkit. The National Youth Agency have been commissioned to create this toolkit which includes research, consultation and case study collections from organisations who are working with young people within the London area in participatory ways. Our ask is for you to please share your experiences, knowledge and expertise to ensure the toolkit can be as useful as possible to you, the young people you support and the wider sector.

Aims for Toolkit

To produce a Toolkit that demonstrates good practice of youth engagement, participation and leadership to support youth provision which is co-designed, co-delivered and co-led by young Londoners. Additionally, the resource will be a tool that can be used by young people to help organisations improve in the three areas of youth engagement, participation and leadership.

How can I get involved?

If you are an organisation working with young people aged 10-21 in London and are working in participatory ways or interested in developing the way young people can influence and make change within your organisation, then you can get involved by:

A. Taking part in an interview

Between Monday 8th April and Monday 6th May we will be undertaking interviews and collecting case studies that will inform the toolkit.

The interview should take no longer than an hour and will be based around how you currently work with young people, what the toolkit could include to support your young people and staff within participatory practice and sharing any learnings or best practice.

B. Delivering Consultation with your young people

We are looking for organisations who would like to deliver a short consultation with the young people they work with to explore participation and develop the initial findings to steer the direction and content of the toolkit. You will be provided with a consultation pack including all the materials needed for the session. Sessions will need to be delivered between Friday 12th April and Tuesday 7th May. A short findings document will need to be produced by Tuesday 7th May.

C. Testing the Toolkit

Once we have some ideas on the page we will be looking for organisations to test elements of the toolkit within their settings. This may be practical tools for staff and guidance with young people. Testing will take place Wednesday 29th May – Wednesday 5th June. A short findings document will need to be produced by Wednesday 5th June.

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