Supporting the NYA

Charitable donations and grants enable us to carry out our vital work to transform the lives of young people.

  • Our programmes directly support disadvantaged young people.
  • Our youth sector workforce development work directly supports youth workers.
  • Our lobbying and championing work directly raises the profile of youth work.

The work we do is extremely important, but it isn’t possible without the necessary funding. We can’t continue this vital work without your support.

In Memory of Toby Ducker, NYA Chair of Trustees

The NYA was shocked and saddened by the untimely passing of our interim Chair, Toby Ducker on Friday 5 May 2023.  

Toby had served on the NYA board since June 2016 and was unwavering in his support for young people. He was instrumental in putting the charity on a stronger financial footing and was pivotal in shaping our bold ambitions for the youth sector.

Toby will be greatly missed.

By making a donation in memory of Toby you can help us to continue improving opportunities for young people to flourish.

Please donate via the button below. Many thanks.

Charitable Donations

The NYA is passionate about transforming the lives of young people through the power of youth work.

At the NYA, 83% of our spend goes straight to charitable activities and very little to running costs. That means if you were to donate £10, more than £8 of it would go to directly support young people through youth work.

Please click below to support us.

Business Partnerships

We work collaboratively with businesses and a national network of delivery partners, to design and manage bespoke programmes of support delivered with high quality youth work to positively impact on the lives of young people.

Through our work with major brands and government sponsored projects we have developed collaborative and project management processes that allow brands to have a real impact and return on their investment.

Our supply chain expertise, infrastructure management, processes and experience ensure the best results and maximum reach.

We manage complex contracting and finance arrangements and we are agile and flexible to respond to funder requirements.

National Youth Agency has a UK-wide network of local delivery partners. This gives us a unique position to identify those young people in need, who would most benefit from support.

The NYA’s unique strength is its ability to understand young people, the landscape in which they live and the youth organisations that work to support them.

NYA programmes ensure youth work principles are embedded throughout design, implementation and delivery by:

  • Ensuring young people have access to quality support.
  • Promoting the voice and influence of young people.
  • Providing a wide range of personal and social development opportunities for young people.
  • Working with education providers to encourage young people to achieve their full potential.
  • Promoting intervention and prevention to address disadvantage and social inclusion.

To make donations in kind or to discuss a way in which you could support us, please get in touch.

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