Read below to learn about the impact and reach of our recent programmes

My Money Now

The My Money Now project was funded by the Money Advice Service as part of their What Works Fund scheme. The project delivered financial capability training to 591 young people aged 16-21 nationwide between March 2017 and March 2018. The training was part of a research project comparing whether peer or adult education is more effective when it comes to financial training. The research showed that on all dimensions of assessment peer educators were scored more highly.

The Environment Now

The Environment Now was an exciting opportunity from O2’s Go Think Big in partnership with the National Youth Agency, that brought together O2’s digital expertise, sustainability leadership and commitment to young people with the NYA’s commitment to championing youth work.

The programme provided support, training and £10,000 funding grants for 50 young people aged 17-24 years to create unique digital ideas to help the environment.

The Environment Now received roughly £1million through Our Bright Future to help young people step up and own what is rightfully theirs: a healthy planet, a thriving economy and a better future.

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