Please find below a list of our upcoming digital events NYA are running. Please click the sign up here link to find out more about each session and submit your details to receive a joining link.

Part of these events are monthly Youth Work Tea Breaks, a collaboration with Debbie Terras from NYA, Vanessa Rogers and Charlotte Gordon from Kip Education CIC. The idea of the tea breaks was the development of a reflective platform to enable practitioners to come together and explore common themes which impact our practice on a daily basis. It is very much an informal learning set, bringing together youth work practitioners to engage in critical thinking and dialogue. Each session has a specific theme and the discussions are very much led by the participants.

Our Upcoming Events

Youth Work Week – Human Rights of the Child in the 21st CenturyExploring the current human rights of young people and how organisations can champion young people’s voices2nd November 202112:30 – 13:30Sign up here
Youth Work Week – Quality in Practice: A vision for quality youth workInvestigating ways to ensure quality of practice within youth work now and in the future3rd November 202112:30 – 13:30Sign up here
Youth Work Week – Championing Youth Work on a Global PlatformShowcasing how youth work supports young people across the world to aspire to be the best they can be for themselves.4th November 202117:00 – 18:00Sign up here
Youth Work Week – Skilled and EquippedYouth Work begins with the development of relationships, and this approach offers allied services in Health, Education, Crime and Social Care a valuable set of tools and insights to improve their work with young people. How can we champion youth work in local strategy to support it taking its place alongside these services in local strategy?5th November 202112:30 – 13:30Sign up here
Youth Work Tea Break – IMD – Young Men’s Mental Health International Mens day is a key time for practitioners to explore how our projects support the ongoing need to improve men’s self care and mental well being as well as improving health outcomes.
Come join us for a tea break, bring a biscuit and a cuppa and let’s talk about your views on IMD and in general mens work.
9th November 202110:30 – 11:30Sign up here
Youth Work Tea Break – Digital Youth WorkDigital youth work can happen in face-to-face situations as well as in online environments and we are all getting more practice and becoming more accustomed to working digitally during the pandemic. We would love to hear your digital ideas, activities and resources!14th December 202110:30 – 11:30Sign up here

NYA Supper Breaks

Following our successful Tea breaks with Debbie Terras, Charlotte Gordon and Vanessa Rogers, it was identified by those who attended that youth workers needed another opportunity to explore complex themes in more context.

The first of the NYA Supper clubs was held Thursday 9th September, which examined the theme of: Rape Culture: Sexualisation of young people within schools, FE and HE. – A community response.

Thank you to our panellists who joined us for the event:

We will be running more Supper Break sessions over the upcoming months, check back here for more information!

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** From 6th September 2021 we can confirm that the youth sector moves to GREEN in the readiness framework**

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