NCS: vInspired and NYA

National Citizen Service (NCS) is a year round, government-backed programme for age 16-17 year olds that builds skills for work and life. NCS supports young people to take on new challenges and adventures, make new friends and contribute to their community.

Participants engage in a part or full time, four week programme that culminates in a social action project, benefiting both young people and society.

In autumn 2015 we launched a new partnership with youth volunteering charity vInspired to manage NCS across the North East region. Working together we are putting young people at the heart of the programme to empower them to change their communities.

Both partners have expertise and years of experience from working on the NCS programme since it started in 2011.

Visit the NCS website to find out more.

Claudia Titton, aged 17

15 teenagers, who met and bonded on NCS, used their experiences to rejuvenate their favourite place – Redcar beach.

After going on NCS in the North East, the group developed a shared passion for contributing to their local communities. During half term they contacted Friends of Redcar, a community action group, and committed to helping to transform the beach into a place for all to enjoy.

Claudia Titton, 17 years old from Crook, Co. Durham, who also sits on the regional youth board for NCS, says: “I never thought I’d be the person to give up my time to volunteer, but since NCS I realised it’s not how I thought it would be! I made amazing new friends on the programme and we have a great time with each other, so coming together to use the skills we learnt is the perfect way to catch up. We all love Redcar beach, so we thought we’d put our break to good use and try to make a real difference.”

“This project is just one of so many that NCS graduates create, we learn so much about the community and how to make a difference that we feel excited to try it for ourselves.”

Claudia Titton
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