This Guidance has been designed as a source of advice with Youth Work Organisations. 

Transference of risk is when an employee has committed a criminal offence or come into contact with a concern within their personal life. (see allegations against adults’ policy). If a member of staff’s own child/children come to the attention of the statutory agencies for child protection, then issues of transference of risk will need to be considered by the organisation.  

The Organisation may be contacted by the Local Authority Designated Officer and asked to undertake a transference of risk assessment. 

The Transference of Risk assessment could be made to ascertain a staff member’s continued suitability for their role, or if the risks are significant enough to be a cause for concern. 

The Organisation may be asked to review and revise the Transference of Risk assessment until the enquiry within their personal life have been concluded. This should be in line with the Organisation Code of Conduct (see code of conduct policy). 

The employee/volunteer must inform the Organisation of any concerns that may affect the reputation of the Organisation or bring the employee into a conflict of interest. 

Transference of risks assessments can be used for a number of purposes and is linked to the Risk assessment policy. 

For further advice, speak to the designated Safeguarding Lead. 

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