A health and safety policy provides a youth work organisation the opportunity to detail what it will do to manage health and safety, and how it will make youth programmes safe. As such, it will form a core part of an organisation’s overall safety management system and sets out the organisation’s approach to keeping young people, workers and the public safe during its activity.

The law requires any organisation employing more than five people to write their health and safety policy down and it is commonplace to see health and safety policies form part of a formal suite of governance documents. Youth work commissioners or sponsors often ask organisations to provide copies of health and safety policies as part of their due diligence since they provide a good opportunity to gauge a youth work organisation’s approach and commitment to this essential area of youth work. Established youth work organisations are likely to have a thorough policy already so this section is designed for those who are yet to produce one or who wish to check its structure and contents are appropriate.

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