Guidance for Local Authorities on Providing Youth Services

Our new guidance supports local authorities in their statutory duty to secure local services. This includes the meaningful engagement of young people to ensure access to quality youth services at a neighbourhood level, whether they are directly delivered, commissioned by or run independently from the local authority.  

NYA National Youth Work Curriculum

The new National Youth Work Curriculum will enable a greater understanding of youth work practice, provide an educational framework and act as a reference tool to be used by decision makers, policy makers, commissioners, youth workers and young people.  NYA would like to thank everyone involved in developing the new Youth Work Curriculum, alongside the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

Building a Stronger Britain toolkit – Speak Out

This toolkit is designed to be used with young people aged 11+ to stimulate discussion, thought and reflection around key themes such as identity, belonging, diversity and community. Actively addressing these issues encourages young people to build meaningful relationships with their peers and develop a strong sense of their identity, therefore reducing the risk posed

Time Out: Re-Imagining Schools – COVID-19

This paper builds on the insights from the ‘Out of Sight?’ research report, on the known and emerging needs of young people through COVID-19, published by the National Youth Agency (NYA) in April 2020. We explore the role of youth services and youth work in schools and colleges, and the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable

Detached Youth Work Guidance – 15.06.2020

This publication sets out the basics of detached youth work and other non-building-based forms of youth work, and locates them in the context of COVID-19. Please click the cover below to download    

Hidden in Plain Sight – Gangs and Exploitation

Hidden in Plain Sight – Gangs and Exploitation, A Youth Work Response to COVID-19 This new report includes insight from the front line of youth workers on their increased concerns for street-gangs and organised criminal gangs. The importance of youth services has been stressed by national police chiefs, the Children’s Commissioner for England and recent

Out of Sight: Vulnerable Young People: COVID-19 Response

This report highlights the scale and prevalence of young people’s needs that are amplified by the pandemic. It draws on the latest data and vulnerability framework by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, with valuable insights from partners and young people from across the youth sector. Our thanks in particular to the Centre

Exploring the connection between social mobility and financial capability

The National Youth Agency is a member of the Single Guidance Financial Body (formerly Money Advice Service) Young Adults Steering Group and this report explores the idea that better financial capability can improve the social mobility of disadvantaged young people by helping raise awareness of the implications of financial decisions in the short, medium, and

Youth services in England: changes and trends in service provision

Youth services in England changes and trends Youth services in England: changes and trends in service provision. November 2014.  

NYA Vision for Youth Work to 2020

The publication sets out the charity’s aim that by 2020 every young person will have access to high quality youth work in their community. The report lays out the steps needed to make its vision a reality, examining the role of local government, the business community, the youth work sector as well as providers and