The cost of living crisis is proving and is set to be a time of deepening challenge and crisis for children and young people, with families facing rising costs and children and young people facing increased anxiety and worry.  

This learning resource has been produced by the National Youth Agency to assist youth workers and allied professionals in helping young people understand the cost of living crisis, develop essential money management skills and build emotional resilience and ways to manage their health and wellbeing.   

The resource is an essential toolkit for youth workers in all settings, as well as social workers and others working with young people using informal education.  

This practical, educational and easy to use toolkit consists of twelve independent sessions covering topics such as The Real Cost of Inflation; Savings: Informed decision making, delayed gratification and The Cost of livings’ impact on relationships and family life. It comprises a variety of games and resources which will help explain the world of finance and tax, as well as facilitate discussions on how the cost of living crisis is portrayed in the media, and self-care and well-being on a budget.     

All the activities in the resource fit with the NYA’s National Youth Work Curriculum – an educational framework and reference took for decision makers, policy makers, commissioners, youth workers and young people. 


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