Drawing on the Past: Studies in the History of Community and Youth Work

The 18 chapters cover a diversity of subjects and places. Some tell the stories of events and people. Others consider the impact and relevance of organisations, movements and reports. Yet others are concerned with the value of historical understanding for contemporary community and youth work. Together they reveal a fascinating history and uncover a vast store of archives, many of which remain to be fully explored, documented and analysed.

Among the subjects covered are a look at some of the organisations that pre-dated the Boys¹ Brigade, founded in 1883 and often seen as the spring from which uniformed youth organisations and the modern youth service developed. Other chapters explore Flora Lucy Freeman and female adolescence, sail training in the UK and Leslie Button and the rise of developmental group work.

Taken together the essays broaden and deepen our knowledge of the development of community and youth work, and its power to shape and improve the lives of those who come into contact with it.

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