Friday 10th November 19:00-20:00 

Registering your team 

We’re delighted that you would like your youth organisation/youth club to join in with our Youth Work Week The BIG little, little BIG Quiz of the week. 

These are general points we’re looking for when it comes to creating your quiz team: 

  • Who: 11-17 year olds who are members of a youth project 
  • Where: In your youth project, this could be in a centre, in a park, at the local boxing club – where young people meet their youth workers. They will need access to a screen. 
  • Team size: 5-6 young people (or more if you want)! 
  • Number of teams per project: Up to the centre/project to manage – they will all need to hear and see the screen. 
  • Staffing: Each quiz team needs to be supported by their youth work team (at least one youth worker, youth support worker and/or trained volunteer on the call with the young people). 

Please complete the form below to be registered onto the event


You will receive a copy of the below at the email address submitted above.

It’s nice to be nice – although people get competitive it’s a fun end to National Youth Work Week!! 

  • Consider the other participants – online etiquette to be followed, this will be discussed at the beginning of the session. 
  • No derogatory and/ or aggressive language in the chat or Q&A functions 
  • No live streaming or screenshots to be taken 

Teams that are unable to follow the guidance will be removed from the session – sorry!! 


We want everyone to enjoy this event. We’d like to point out to youth practitioners supporting this session to please follow best practice safeguarding for joining this quiz including… 

  • checking in with parents/carers/guardians about participation – if this isn’t already covered off in your consent forms already 
  • if you want to join in with a social media post before we start the quiz, then please ensure you have media consent (if your picture has young people in it). 
  • Go through your standard safeguarding policy, processes and risk assessments in terms of the environment you’re in and the young people taking part. 
  • If an incident does happen whilst you’re on the quiz call, please follow your own organisational safeguarding policy and processes accordingly.  

This call will be in a webinar format, for details on how this call will look and how you can interact: 

  • All attendees’ cameras will be turned off/not in use – this is to avoid sharing, but also to ensure everyone can join as we want to reduce issues with bandwidth. 
  • Everyone will be muted – this is also because of the same point above, and to avoid interruptions and confusion. 
  • You’ll be able to see the hosts and they’ll be able to speak – Mark and Jenny. 
  • The chat function will be used for shout outs and general chats to take place during the quiz – if anything inappropriate is shared we will quickly close down the chat. 
  • The Q&A function will be open for anyone having technical issues or questions for the hosts – these questions cannot be seen by others unless shared by hosts. 

If you’re concerned or you aren’t sure if you’ve got everything in place in terms of safeguarding, please refer to our Safeguarding & Risk Management Hub to access, resources, templates and guidance on this, plus review our Safeguarding Standards document to understand what good looks like. 

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