In Autumn 2023 we commenced a programme of Peer Reviews for Local Authorities to enable them to confidently assess the needs of young people in their area and fulfil their Statutory Duty for youth work. 

A Peer Review visit takes between two to four days to complete, and includes an onsite review of services, meetings and interviews with key stakeholders to evaluate impact, culminating in a final report and action plan. Councils receive ongoing support from the NYA to support implementation of their improvements.  

The Peer Review programme is funded by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport and builds on the success of three pilot reviews, including Rochdale and West Northamptonshire Councils.  

Through the initiative seven Peer Reviews will be undertaken by the team of experts from NYA and the sector, as well as four trained young reviewers. Young Reviewer role opportunities were shared on the usual NYA social media channels and website to kick start the recruitment process. We also re-engaged young people from the pilot to utilise their knowledge and experience. Young Reviewers were trained alongside adult colleagues. 

Watch this short clip to hear from our young reviewers:

Learning from the Peer Reviews

The following clips were filmed at the Peer Network Launch event on 20 March 2024.

Rochdale ↓

Steve Kay, Assistant Director Early Help summarises the learning and insights that the Local Authority in Rochdale has taken away from their peer review process.

West Northamptonshire ↓

Tony Challinor, Assistant Director Commissioning and Partnerships summarises the learning and insights that the Local Authority in West Northamptonshire has taken away from their peer review process.

Milton Keynes ↓

Richard Lee, Participation and Engagement Manager and James Dove, Public Health Principal – Children, Young People & Families summarise the learning and insights that the Local Authority in Milton Keynes has taken away from their peer review process.

South Gloucestershire

Sharon Adams, Commissioning Manager (Children & Young People), Penny Baker, Youth Work Manager and Kevin Sweeney, Early Help Partnership Strategic Lead summarise the learning and insights that the Local Authority in South Gloucestershire has taken away from their peer review process.

Key highlights from the Peer Network launch event on 20 March 2024 

Léna Hartmann, Youth Strategy Team, Department of Culture Media and Sport speaking about the challenges and priorities facing government. 

Leigh Middleton, CEO NYA, introducing the role of NYA in championing the youth sector and supporting Councils to deliver a youth offer which meets local need.

Imogen Gregg-Auriac, CEO Young Manchester, describing the aim of Local Youth Partnerships to promote collaboration between those working in the youth sector. 

The Peer Review programme is now closed although the NYA welcomes any Council seeking advice on developing their youth work offer to get in touch with the NYA to see what support can be provided.  

Peer Networks

To support the exchange of learning across the youth sector, the NYA is facilitating two Peer Networks for Lead Members and Officers with a responsibility for Children’s and Youth Services.  

The Lead Member Network will support Lead Members to meet their Statutory Duty by providing evidence and insight from NYA and other local authorities. These meetings will focus on showcasing examples of funding models, collaboration with other sectors and needs assessments.  Lead members will meet online every six months.  

The Officer Network will provide members with an opportunity to share good practice from both the peer and service reviews. This will include sharing insight from the NYA research to support local conversations around the impact and value of youth provision. Officers will meet online every quarter.  

To find out more and express your interest in joining one of the Networks please complete the form below:

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