As the national body for youth work in England, NYA sets standards for youth services’ quality and sufficiency. Our new guidance supports local authorities in their statutory duty to secure local services. This includes the meaningful engagement of young people to ensure access to quality youth services at a neighbourhood level, whether they are directly delivered, commissioned by or run independently from the local authority.

NYA Chief Executive Leigh Middleton, said:

Local authorities have been played a vital role in supporting communities through the pandemic, in exceptional circumstances. This has brought additional strains to local services and finances. COVID-19 has also amplified the needs of young people and where youth work is recognised as an essential service. Therefore, NYA is supporting local authorities in a call for increased government funding, ring-fenced at a local level to secure and sustain youth services. 

It is clear that, after year on year cuts to youth services the focus now must be on the level and quality of services, in line with NYA guidance, not whether a youth service is delivered. We must be ambitious for youth work. This requires a clear plan for and provision of at least two full-time equivalent, qualified youth workers and team within each secondary school catchment area, whether directly delivered by or independent of the local authority.

Local authorities hold the duty and need to ensure planning is not undertaken in isolation of other authorities, agencies and services in their area, bringing together the public, private, voluntary and community sector. NYA guidance sets out the practical and reasonable steps a local authority should take.

You can download the new national guidance by clicking below:

NYA is the Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Body (PSRB) for youth work and services in England.

COVID-19 Readiness Level

Readiness Level


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** From 27th January 2022 we can confirm that the youth sector moves to GREEN in the readiness framework**

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