Fancy getting in involved in Marcus Rashford’s latest initiative? And helping your young people improve their money confidence? Well now you can through NatWest Thrive. It’s a collab between Marcus, NatWest and the National Youth Agency to give young people the skills, mindset and self-belief they need to reach their potential.

What’s the programme content?

Learning life skills, developing a positive money mindset and appreciating your talents. To thrive, young people need to be able to do them all. That’s why we’ve tailored every module – and there’s a selection to choose from – to tap into young people’s passions, spark conversation and boost their money knowhow. Modules include:

  • Own Your Vision: Who do you want to be? Get clear on your vision, understand your life goals and then take age-appropriate steps to get there.
  • Money Talk: Money can feel like a prickly topic. But it doesn’t have to. Learn how to feel confident discussing money with family, friends and people you’re close to. 
  • Money Mindset: Discover any limiting beliefs around money that could stop you taking positive steps to improve your financial wellbeing.

Why now?

We know young people don’t feel confident about money. Or their future. In fact 67% of young people say they’re worried about it. They’re also not getting enough guidance at school to change this – only 8% of financial education happens in the classroom. We’ve designed this programme to meet real needs, raise aspirations and help young people get excited about their futures.

How can my club get involved?

To sign up, just complete The Expression of Interest form below. Please note spaces are limited for this stage of the programme. Deadline: 28th June 2022

A final word from Marcus

I know so many talented young people who could really benefit from a programme like this, who could actually propel themselves into something much bigger and achieving their goals… I’m really excited to be involved and to help shape it

Marcus Rashford MBE

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What does this mean?

** From 27th January 2022 we can confirm that the youth sector moves to GREEN in the readiness framework**

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