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NatWest Thrive with Marcus Rashford is a programme to help young people grow in confidence, go after their dreams and get into good money habits. It has been developed by specialist youth workers at the National Youth Agency working closely with young people, to ensure that it’s both fun and relevant to them.

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Everybody needs somebody to believe in

Through group activities, discussion and mentoring, NatWest Thrive helps young people between the ages of 8 and 24 years to develop their self-belief, identify their passions and build up the skills they need to become who they want to be.

Throughout the programme they also get access to inspiring role models who share tips on how they made it, the setbacks on the road to success, and show them they can do it too. They will have the opportunity to work with colleagues volunteering from NatWest who have been trained by the NYA. They will also hear directly from Marcus along the way.

NatWest Thrive is focused on young people learning life skills, developing a positive money mindset and how to set goals and identify the steps to achieving them. The programme is broken down into three modules:

  • Own Your Vision: Who do you want to be? Get clear on your vision, understand your life goals and then take age-appropriate steps to get there.
  • Money Talk: Money can feel like a prickly topic. But it doesn’t have to. Learn how to feel confident discussing money with family, friends and people you’re close to. 
  • Money Mindset: Discover any limiting beliefs around money that could stop you taking positive steps to improve your financial wellbeing.

Changing mindsets. Transforming futures.  

Feedback from the first young people to take part in NatWest Thrive shows that they are already beginning to put into practice their new life skills and confidence. 

Being part of NatWest Thrive challenged the way the young people who took part think about money and the things they place a value on. It also helped open up difficult conversations about how the cost of living crisis is affecting them and their families.  

Above all, the programme has been proven as a catalyst for enabling young people to gain the self belief to pursue their dreams and the resilience to stay focussed on their journey to achieving their goals.

What difference does NatWest Thrive make?

During 2023 NatWest Thrive was piloted at 15 clubs across the country helping more than 800 young people improve their money management skills, gain clearer ambitions for their futures and the essential life skills needed to keep them on track. An independent evaluation measured changes in how people felt about themselves as they went through the programme. An independent evaluation measured changes in how people felt about themselves after participating in at least four sessions. They found that:

98% of young people reported improved confidence after four or more sessions

88% were more confident about work and education after four or more sessions

83% had better mental wellbeing (using the ‘Warwick -Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale’)

What our pilot clubs say

Solve The Centre for Youth Violence and Conflict in Birmingham delivered a full day of dedicated NatWest Thrive activities for 35 young people aged between 9 and 11 years old during the summer holidays. 

Find out what the Operations Manager at Solve thinks about NatWest Thrive and why they can’t wait to deliver it all again in 2023 below.


Felicha Downie Brown, Operations Manager, said: “A big focus for us is helping young people to think about the difference between good and bad choices and NatWest Thrive really syncs well with that. 

“It empowers them to think beyond their reach and realise that they can follow their aspirations and do things they never considered possible before, like setting up their own business. 

“The discussions we had on the day were incredible – they all had so much to talk about! The day after they were totally different kids. 

“It’s brilliant we’ll definitely be using the resources again.” 

Read some inspirational Natwest Thrive stories

Toke, who participated in NatWest Thrive at Active Horizons youth club in Greenwich, said:
I am so grateful to have been involved with NatWest Thrive and it has made me think about what my future could look like and inspired me to go for my dreams.”

Toke’s story

Growing up in Nigeria 

Toke lived with her grandma in Nigeria until the age of 13 when she was reunited with her Mum who had moved to the UK when Toke was just two years of age, in order to earn money to send back home to the family. Although she has fond memories of Nigeria, growing up without her Mum was hard and she also experienced hardship due to the political and economic issues facing her home country.  

Settling in the UK 

Although Toke enjoyed school in the UK, and had a good work ethic, she missed her family at home and also found it difficult having a Nigerian accent and name. She even invented a European name to try and fit in.  

Finding her team

Toke participated in NatWest Thrive at Active Horizons youth club in Greenwich, over the summer. She says that being part of NatWest Thrive motivated her to go for her dreams, no matter what and to be proud of who she is and her heritage. It has spurred her on to study law and pursue a career in musical theatre alongside this – like a real life Elle Woods.  

Believing in herself

Due to her success, Toke was selected as a NatWest Thrive Rising Star, one of three across the country. All of the NatWest Thrive Rising Stars were then partnered with an inspirational mentor from the world of  social media, performing arts and broadcast , with their mentor coaching them and sharing their experiences of overcoming obstacles on the way to success. 

Meeting a role model and mentor
Toke was paired up with West End star Hannah Lowther to make a number of TikTok shows – the NatWest Thrive Sessions – featuring the confidence building theme of NatWest Thrive. 

Celebrating the success of our first participants in 2022

In November 2023 we hosted an online graduation event, virtually bringing together all those who had completed the programme.

The exciting occasion was compered by TikTok star Luke Vernon, who is also a mentor on the NatWest Thrive programme.

NatWest Thrive ambassador Marcus Rashford took time out to join in the celebrations via Zoom, meeting the young people and hearing their stories first-hand. He presented NatWest Thrive awards and prizes as recognition for their achievements and dedication in the programme.

Altogether 12 young people receiving special awards on the evening and the young people had the opportunity to participate in a Q & A session with Marcus.

All of the young people at the event took home a graduation box filled with NatWest Thrive goodies and gifts to recognise their achievements, as well as a signed card from Marcus.

Marcus Rashford, MBE, said: “I’ve loved seeing how young people have embraced NatWest Thrive this summer – seeing what they have learnt and what they have taken away from the programme. Seeing them being open to trying new things and seeing their confidence grow throughout. Just brilliant.

“Many young people view money only as the root cause of anxiety and stress in the household and it is very rarely spoken about, at risk of upsetting those around you, so it was so important with NatWest Thrive that we approached the programme sensitively and with the aim of adjusting that mindset. Young people need to be able to visualise a successful future, and better understand the steps that need to be taken to achieve those goals. This programme had to be delivered by people they trusted, in an environment where their input and opinion is valued.

“I’m really proud of everyone involved as it’s clear to see the difference the programme has made even over this short period of time, with young people now able to see a world beyond just what they see on their doorstep.”

Get your club involved with NatWest Thrive in 2023

To register your youth clubs interest in delivering Natwest Thrive, please fill in the form below:

Find out about NatWest’s wider commitment to support the youth work sector through Levy transfer funding and a staff volunteering scheme.


A final word from Marcus

I know so many talented young people who could really benefit from NatWest Thrive, who could actually propel themselves into something much bigger and achieve their goals. I’m really excited to be involved and to help shape it.”

Marcus Rashford MBE

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