Introducing NatWest Thrive Online: a new digital resource designed to support youth workers in their mission of guiding and empowering young people toward their dreams.

The programme consists of FREE downloadable activities, games and discussion-based sessions providing interactive, engaging, and inspirational learning, hosted on the National Youth Agency’s website. These are ready to use youth work sessions already planned out for you. 

All the NatWest Thrive resources have been tried and tested and designed by our Youth Work Specialists. The sessions have already helped hundreds of young people gain the skills and confidence to take control of their futures. 

What’s on offer? 

The digital programme consists of six engaging NatWest Thrive sessions, co-created by specialist youth workers at the National Youth Agency, in partnership with young people.  

The interactive sessions will tap into young people’s passions, provide a stimulus to reflect on their beliefs and help them develop the essential life skills they need as they take control of their futures.  

The sessions cover three NatWest Thrive themes: 

  • Own Your Vision: Who do you want to be? Get clear on your vision, understand your life goals, and then take age-appropriate steps to get there;  
  • Money Talk: Money can feel like a prickly topic, but it doesn’t have to be! Learn how to feel confident discussing money with family, friends, and people you’re close to; 
  • Money Mindset: Discover any limiting beliefs around money that stop you taking positive steps to improve your financial wellbeing. 

Other benefits 

Youth Clubs will be provided with guidance on how to run the sessions, support from our staff team and will have access to our NatWest Thrive Skills Volunteering Programme – which enables youth work organisations to tap into the skills of a NatWest staff volunteer.  

Youth Clubs who complete the programme and submit their feedback form will be entered into a raffle to win prize money to go towards a fun day-out for your young people! 

You will also be first in line to deliver the full NatWest Thrive programme for our next cohort. 

This will unlock grant funding, volunteers to support delivery, wider support from the NYA and full access to the complete series of 24 sessions (as well as invites to events and extras!) 

How do I get involved? 

The expression of interest for Natwest Thrive Online is currently closed.

If you have any initial questions, please email Adam Breen in the NatWest Thrive team via: 

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