The Level 6 Youth Work Apprenticeship Standard is drawing close to it’s final steps. We have some information to share and an urgent request.

As those of you have been involved in the development of this will know, this has been a challenging journey. But, we write with what we believe to be hopeful news of the final last steps towards Standard approval. 

We have negotiated with the IFATE to plan the following:

A Youth Work Degree Apprenticeship student would complete 240 credits of their degree programme (so entering year 3) as the gateway to pass towards the End Point Assessment (EPA)of their programme.

During year 3, they would need to complete all other modules (including that embedding the EPA) before being able to be signed off as fully completed their Apprenticeship.

Their EPA would be attached to their final placement module, and so worth 30 credits of their degree programme. This should be (officially) the last thing signed off through the university degree conferring process.

They would need to complete a specifically set out assessment plan in order to complete a Degree Apprenticeship.

This would likely comprise of:

  • Submission of a practice portfolio (evidence, non-assessed)
  • Observation of practice
  • Presentation with professional discussion

This would need to be the same assessment plan, that will be detailed and published through the IFATE website, for all universities delivering the Youth Work Degree Apprenticeship.

This will be mapped to the national occupational standards in the same way that all final year placements would be, and so would ensure there is parity of knowledge and understanding across all degree qualifying professional Youth Workers.

We are working at pace for this in order to ensure it is submitted to the IFATE approvals system by 18th June (for approval through July/August). In order to achieve this we will require a minimum of two universities that are likely to deliver the Apprenticeship to work with us to submit a costing plan for both the degree aspect of the Standard and also the EPA (practice placement module). This is so that the appropriate funding band can be set to pay for this programme. Please can you get in touch with Abbee McLatchie if you are considering delivering this programme and would be able to support with the costing.

We will send the draft EPA out for consultation next week prior to final amends with the IFATE the week after. This will not have significant changes to the previous iterations worked through with the Trailblazer group, other than the embedding within the degree programme rather than being a further final assessment.

We are very aware of the exceptionally short timeframes for this and can only apologise. 

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to get in touch or (secretary).

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