Finding Solutions

NYA leads on policy research and public affairs to support the sector and to find policy solutions to issues affecting young people’s lives.

We work closely with other youth sector organisations, national and local government and partners on emerging agendas, discussion points and opportunities, rooted in youth work and young people’s lived experiences. 

We work with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on youth policy, the Cabinet Office as part of the Youth Policy Stakeholder Group, and as secretariat to the National Youth Advisory Board which represents all parts of the youth sector.

Our policy work includes:

  • Government: We hold commissions, provide insights and guidance, and support parliamentary inquiries and debate, to investigate key aspects of policy and offer recommendations to both national and local government, and international programmes.
  • Publications: We provide landmark research and original briefings to shape policy, practice and investment in youth work, and in response to budgets, statements and consultations to help brief young people and the youth sector.
  • Events: We convene national events and sector engagement across the country in partnership with regional youth work units, in Parliament and at the main party conferences, and the annual Youth Work Summit.

Current work includes the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review, statutory guidance for local authorities, securing baseline data from the national youth work census and a ten-year youth sector strategy. This includes priorities and partnerships for young people in Covid-recovery, education, employment, health and safeguarding.

We are also working with the Centre for Youth Impact, supporting a sector-wide exploration for a collective impact strategy to demonstrate the power of our work.

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