Since the start of ‘lockdown’ for Covid-19 in the UK  we have been aware that there are numerous different surveys being undertaken which are relevant to young people and youth work. The Research Hub is working with Centre for Youth Impact to collect these surveys in one place so that practitioners, policy makers and young people can take part in, and keep track of the findings. This will help to provide a better understanding of how the sector can best help young people, and what support it will need to do so.

The criteria for inclusion are simple, all surveys must:

1. Be directly related to exploring effects or impacts of Covid-19
2. Be looking for data from young people or youth sector organisations
3. Be open to UK respondents

Please click below to download a list of available surveys:

With over 130 surveys to date we recognise that the sheer number means it’s unlikely that many people will get the opportunity to really dive into the findings and so will periodically be publishing a series of blogs that looks at the key themes across the surveys, and what they are telling us (and what they aren’t).

  1. Early findings related to young people’s mental health – 07/07/2020

About the Hub

The NYA Research Hub (The Hub) is interested in the key issues and challenges around youth work practice. By bringing together youth work and academic researchers, whether formal or informal, we seek to improve the understanding of how youth work makes a difference to young people, their communities and society as a whole.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that youth work practice ‘on the ground’ feeds in to research and vice versa, with the results helping to better inform practice, policy and sector development. We will translate the best of research and practice from across the country into easily understandable formats to support practice.

Research Hub Members

Ultimately we hope that good research can inform the needs of practitioners, funders and policy makers; and that the good research is informed by their needs also. Another key aim is to bridge the gap between practice and academia by making academic works more accessible and understandable to those who would benefit from the findings.

Given this broad aim, the Group is made up of representation across those sectors, with practitioners also helping to provide a youth voice.

The list of members is as follows:

Funding Bodies



Policy Representatives

Research Organisations

Oversight of the Hub

  • NYA
  • The Professional Association for Lecturers in Youth and Community Work (PALCYW)

Reference Group

To help sense-check, scrutinise and assure the work of the Steering Group we are also delighted to announce a Reference Group of:

The combined knowledge of all members will be invaluable in helping the Hub achieve its aims.

You can read our Terms of Reference below:

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact

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