Can you remember the last time you learnt something new, felt energised by the experience and applied it to your practice?

Only yesterday I attended a 3-hour risk assessment training session with colleagues here at the NYA……was I excited about attending, probably not, this was not my first rodeo, but I appreciated the importance.

However, it was great! 

Why…the trainer was knowledgeable, it was well paced and structured, relevant, factual, they provided access to resources and challenged our thinking. I spoke to a colleague afterwards who stated they felt ‘energised’ by the experience and I immediately began to think about how I could apply my refreshed learning to my work.  

We tend to think of types of learning as the approach to teaching, differentiation, in response to different learning styles or preferences. But it’s also about accessing, developing, and providing approaches that inspire and keep learners engaged and this means individuals and managers should consider what approaches work for them and their teams.  

So, what works for you?

When was the last time you experience a good or excellent piece of ‘learning’?  

Why did you sign up to the learning?

What led to you rate your experience as good or excellent?

What difference did it make to your practice?

Are you looking to access new opportunities for yourself or your teams?

The NYA is committed to supporting youth workers and organisations to take their learning further with an expanding range of informal and formal learning opportunities. Our CPD Catalogue holds an extensive selection of short courses and webinars on topics such as safeguarding, participation or supporting young people digitally.

What do learners say about their experience of NYA’s CPD courses?

  • ‘’Generally, more informed about media and inspired to explore our young people’s experience of being online’’
  • ’The content and layout varied with the varied creative ways to interact with the course content was very good’’
  • ‘’I feel that the course content was relevant, useful, and informative that will have a positive impact on my practice’’

That’s not all folks!

Here at the NYA, we also offer a range of other learning opportunities that you might not recognise as being CPD. I have recently reflected on our learning opportunities; the offer is far greater than I initially considered.

Digital CPD – we are reviewing and updating existing courses and developing new courses like Media Literacy, Detached Youth work and GRT – check out our offer

There is also our You Tube channel, Tea and Supper breaks, Youth Work Week, Research pieces, in person training like our recent Risk Management courses, or you might take part in one of our programmes, and this does not include work with our partners and bespoke offers. 

And of course, we cannot forget the Academy where you can access L2 and 3 qualifications and bespoke packages.

So how do we ensure our CPD offer meets emerging needs?

By listening to the workforce and responding, whether directly, signposting or through working with partners. We also run webinars, host events, and meet face to face to discuss what training resources you need. 

Ensure your voice is heard by:

  • When you complete an NYA CPD module, please complete the feedback form; we really do listen and amend our resources based on the insights of learners.
  • Send an email to these are forwarded to me, and I ensure each one is recorded and responded to – this includes signposting to other great providers.
  • Attend our events, Youth Work Week webinars, and Tea Breaks and Supper Clubs
  • Ensure the organisations you represent are aware of your needs, they may well be involved in bigger NYA conversations.
  • And if you are an organisation, contact us and tell us how we can help.

Did CPD Just get interesting!
Whether you’re an individual or an organisation, come and join Kevin Jones, Head of Workforce, and I for our session on Thursday 10th November 10:30—11:30 to explore the EXCITING topic of Understanding and equipping the National Youth Work force!


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