NatWest is working with the NYA to recruit volunteers from across their business who will offer their skills and expertise to support youth work organisations to improve the way they are run and to be more sustainable.

Whether you need help writing a bid, developing a marketing plan or building a new website, the NYA will match you with one of NatWest’s expert volunteers who will offer up to 21 hours of their time, provided online, absolutely free. 

Building on our successful partnership with NatWest we’ve launched the NatWest Thrive Skills Volunteering Programme – an initiative that matches youth clubs who have a task or project they need help to complete, with a NatWest staff volunteer colleague who is passionate about making a difference in their community. 

Through NatWest Thrive you’ll have access to a network of skilled staff volunteers who will offer their guidance, support and training on different topics tailored to help your youth club and young people succeed. 

What can I get?  

Volunteers bring a wealth of experience and specialise in areas such as: 

  • Content strategy and content writing for web, mobile, marketing and social media 
  • Website user experience (UX) writing and design 
  • Marketing, business management and financials 
  • IT literacy, data analysis, accounting and relationship management 
  • HR skills 
  • Bid writing 
  • Presentations, research and knowledge 
  • Event planning 
  • Mentoring, coaching, writing CV’s and interview skills 
  • Technical projects 
  • Project management 

Collaborating to support growth 

Nick Harvey, Project Manager at ‘In the Mix Project’ provides youth and community services across Somerset. The club was successfully partnered with Emaan from NatWest, who has expertise in marketing and wider strategy which has enabled the club to begin developing a new business strategy. Nick said, 

“In The Mix are grateful to receive support through NatWest Thrive to support our ongoing growth and development. Making use of NatWest volunteers is a huge asset to organisations in the voluntary and charitable sector”. 

Meeting your NatWest volunteer takes place online, as colleagues can connect virtually from all over the country! 
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