The National Youth Agency (NYA) is delighted to announce that the National Curriculum for Youth Work, a new framework for England, was published today.  

The new curriculum will enable a greater understanding of youth work practice, provide an educational framework and act as a reference tool to be used by decision makers, policy makers, commissioners, youth workers and young people. 

Abbee McLatchie, Director of Youth Work at NYA said: 

“At the heart of the youth work curriculum are young people: young people who are sufficiently confident to make decisions now and in the future about their lives. As well as benefiting young people themselves, for wider society, youth work helps to engage young people in playing an active role in their local communities and tackling a broad range of societal issues and disadvantages. 

Youth work is a distinct form of education to support a young person’s personal, social and educational development. This is the first youth work curriculum produced in over 30 years and puts young people as the starting point and heart of the document and process, building support and youth work practice around them, their peers and their communities.  The new curriculum was  developed in consultation with Youth Workers and young people ensuring a youth-centred approach. 

A copy of the curriculum and video can be found here.

NYA Director of Youth Work Abbee McLatchie will be hosting a free Q&A webinar focused on the National Youth Work Curriculum this Friday morning, register to attend here.

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