NYA are attending the Labour and Conservatives 2021 Party Conferences to champion the cause of youth work.

As a nation, we need a clear commitment to young people. They need somewhere safe to go, for regular activities with friends to have fun and learn new skills, with a trusted adult who knows what is needed, able to access specialist services. Yet youth services in England have lost an annual spend of £1bn in the last decade.

That’s why we’re calling for 10,000 qualified youth workers and 40,000 volunteers to help put young people at the heart of Covid-19 recovery: supported in the present and ambitious for the future.

Read some of our latest policy reports below to find out more about our ask.

Out of Sight?

This report highlights the scale and prevalence of young people’s needs that are amplified by the pandemic. It draws on the latest data and vulnerability framework by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner for England, with valuable insights from partners and young people from across the youth sector. 

Hidden in Plain Sight

This new report includes insight from the front line of youth workers on their increased concerns for street-gangs and organised criminal gangs.

Time Out

We explore the role of youth services and youth work in schools and colleges, and the impact of the pandemic on vulnerable young people, in particular.

Inside Out

We explore the impact of the pandemic on young people’s health and the role of young people’s services in support of vulnerable young people, in particular.

Outside Looking In

We explore the impact of the
pandemic and global recession on the older age-range of 16 to 24 years of age, for young people’s employment
prospects and the role
of youth services to help break down barriers to employment for vulnerable young people, in particular.


Overlooked: young people and rural youth services, makes clear there are vast gaps in local youth services. Hardest hit are the 2.2 million young people living in predominantly rural areas, living in villages, towns and coastal areas.

Time’s Running Out

With up to 1 in 4 youth centres under the threat of closure, and emergency funding for youth services coming to an end, failure to act now will decimate the youth sector leaving a generation of young people without opportunities to thrive.  

Youth Work Week 2021

Youth Work Week is an annual week long celebration organised by the NYA celebrating everything Youth Work!

This year Youth Work Week will run from Monday 1st November to Sunday 7th November.

We are pleased to announce that the theme for this year’s celebrations will be Champions of Youth Work!

Join us on social media using the hashtags #YouthWorkWeek and #YWW21 and find out more about this year’s celebrations on our Youth Work Week page below.

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