Historical Qualifications

The National Youth Agency holds a list of all those courses and programmes that have previously conferred qualified status for youth workers.

For the purpose of being recognised under the terms of the JNC, the course or programme that you studied on must be included on this list and for the dates when you were engaged in study.

Historical list of all schemes, courses and programmes

If you are checking whether a qualification has professional status and it does not appear on this list, please also check the current
programmes list as programme may still be running.

Other historical qualifications

There are a small number of other qualifications which confer qualified youth worker status.

  • People who gained the status of qualified teacher by 31 December 1988 are recognised as qualified to hold professional youth work posts.
  • Those who gained a social science degree between 1974 and 1981 will be recognised as qualified subject to supervision and satisfactory performance in the work place for a period of one year, which has been formally signed off.

Whilst it is recognised that there are a number of allied professions and qualifications held from other disciplines in the wider arena of working with young people, unless covered by the above these are not recognised as conferring professionally qualified status under the terms of the JNC.

If you have any queries please contact us.

Qualifications in the UK

We validate professional training programmes in England only. Programmes validated in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have mutual recognition arrangements in place so if your programme is recognised as professional status in one UK nation it will be recognised in all, through processes agreed by the Joint Education Training Standards Committee.

Youth work register in Wales

From 1 April 2017, in Wales, JNC Qualified Youth Support Workers and JNC Professionally Qualified Youth Workers who provide services for or on behalf of a local authority, school, FE institution or voluntary organisation will need to be registered with Wales’ Education Workforce Council. Visit their website for more details.

Qualifications outside the UK

The National Youth Agency operates a scheme in conjunction with ETS Wales and the joint ETS for Northern Ireland and Ireland for holders of qualifications obtained outside the UK. These individuals can apply to have their qualification assessed by UK standards. This is called individual recognition. Please contact us to find out more.

In England contact the National Youth Agency.
In Scotland contact CLD Standards Council for Scotland.
In Wales, contact ETS Wales.
In Northern Ireland, contact Youth Council for Northern Ireland.

Applications for recognition of qualifications by countries outside the UK should be made directly to the country in which the applicant is seeking recognition.

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