The basics

“Youth” is the developmental phase between childhood and adulthood. Typically this starts around the beginning of puberty and finishes in late teens but for many young people, dependent on personal, social and economic factors, it can start and or finish much later.

Youth work focuses on personal and social development – the skills and attributes of young people – rather than to ‘fix a problem’. It is an educational process that engages with young people in a curriculum that deepens a young person’s understanding of themselves, their community and the world in which they live and supports them to proactively bring about positive changes.

Therefore youth work needs to be (and be seen to be) transformational, harnessing skills of young people not fulfilled by formal education.

  • Where youth work provides a safe place to be creative
  • Providing and developing a social network and friendships
  • With a trusted adult (who knows what is needed)

Our Getting Qualified page provides an easy-to-use guide on the different types of qualifications available in youth work.  We have also provided a helpful FAQ’s section, including information on historical qualifications.

What is Youth Work

Getting Qualified

Am I Qualified?

Youth Work FAQs

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