31/01/2018: British gangs using violence to groom young people as drug mules.

31/01/2018: Campaign set up by 22 year old to break the taboo around period education in schools.

30/01/2018: Inflation rates combined with increasing rent pricing young people out of internships.

30/01/2018: Youth vote likely to be key in Ireland’s abortion referendum.

30/01/2018: Creative subjects being squeezed, schools tell BBC.

29/01/2018: British election study find that there was no ‘Youthquake’ in 2017, but more young people did vote Labour.

29/01/2018: A collection of 16-17 year olds discuss reducing the voting age and ask for faith in their generation.

26/01/2018: A proposal for more social measures to tackle increasing crime rates, rather than more bobbies on the beat.

26/01/2018: What children’s services teams will need to know about upcoming changes in EU data rules.

25/01/2018: Fall in apprenticeship take up may force radical rethink of UK policy

25/01/2018: The Guardian’s view on Hinds’ first agenda speech.

22/01/2018: Hinds highlights the importance of ‘soft skills’ in his first speech as Education secretary

18/01/2018: Minister of children and families role abolished.

17/01/2018: Justine Greening warns that young people could undo brexit.

17/01/2018: The correlation between school funding and levels of social mobility.

09/01/2018: Vice chair of Youth on what the Conservatives need to do to win over young people.

08/01/2018: Government plans ‘English hubs’ as part of social mobility plans.

04/01/2018: Findings of the ‘Growth Mindset’ research.

04/01/2018: Angela Rayner on the low aspirations of white, working-class boys.

02/01/2018: Relationship education falling behind sex education.


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