NYA responds to LGA vision for youth services

5 Dec 2017

The Local Government Association has unveiled its new long-term vision for youth services and provision, pledging to support councils and work with government to get young people the properly funded services they deserve.

Leigh Middleton, CEO of the National Youth Agency said, “All citizens require services which are designed for them; their interests and their needs. Yet for young people going through teenage years, youth services and youth work perform an essential service, helping young people understand who they are, how they relate to others, and ultimately help them transition successfully into adulthood. It’s far more than just something to do and somewhere to go.

“This vision sets out the importance of putting young people at the heart of councils’ youth services. I’d like to congratulate the LGA on showing essential leadership on this often overlooked area, and to pledge our support in achieving this vision.”

You can read the LGA’s vision at https://www.local.gov.uk/bright-futures-our-vision-youth-services