The Environment Now announces £80,000 of green tech projects

31 Oct 2017

Eight new green tech projects funded by The Environment Now have been announced.

The grants programme, supported by O2’s Think Big in partnership with the National Youth Agency, offers funding, training, work experience and support to get young people’s green ideas off the ground. It is today (31 October 2017) announcing 8 projects worth £80,000.

The Environment Now programme is funded by O2 and the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund, and is part of the Our Bright Future programme. It is managed by the National Youth Agency.

The projects funded include a network of mobile charging stations powered by green energy and low-cost high accuracy gas sensors to measure the indoor air quality in low-income housing.

Bill Eyres, Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability at O2 said, “At O2 we’re proud to be able to support another cohort of young people that are coupling tech with their creativity to help create solutions to some of the global challenges we’re facing. We’re inspired by their great ideas every day and look forward to mentoring them throughout their journey.”

Leigh Middleton, Managing Director of the National Youth Agency said, “These young people take cutting edge tech and apply it to their environmental concerns to create ground-breaking projects. We’re delighted to be supporting them.”

Cath Hare, Programme Manager for Our Bright Future said, ““I’m amazed by how incredible these young people’s ideas are. Their passion and drive to make a difference to the environment is just inspiring. The success of this programme continues to grow and is proof of the difference it is making to young people and the environment.”

The eight projects are receiving £10,000 funding each plus a range of support over ten months, helping them develop their ideas, confidence and skills with the aim of empowering them to become sustainability leaders of the future. The projects comprise:

Hakeem Buge – ChargedUp

@ChargedUpWorld /

ChargedUp are developing a global network of stations where users can borrow portable battery banks, use them for as long as they need, then return them at a station for just a small fee, using 100% green energy to power all the chargers. These stations will be accessible at a variety of locations such as cafes, bars, train stations, sports stadiums, museums and tourist attractions. With the help of The Environment Now, ChargedUp is developing an app which will allow users find the nearest station & allow them to put a hold on a charger they wish to borrow.

James Alden – Climate Edge

@ClimateEdgeLtd /

Climate Edge intends to provide micro-level environmental data collection and advice to allotment gardeners, community groups, and small scale farmers to help them grow more and grow better. Climate Edge will develop a low cost weather station, which collects environmental data at a local level.  Climate Edge also intends to develop software which translates the data into meaningful insights about the micro climate and is sent via SMS and online, so that they are accessible to everyone, even those without a smartphone. By digitalising allotment gardens and small farms, younger generations will be encouraged to take up this hobby, ensuring that agriculture gets the support it needs.

Bradley Jensen  – SOLAIR

SOLAIR + is aiming to become the first market leading eco-friendly power bank, by being the only solar panelled wireless mobile phone charger. They want users to employ solar panels as an effective and eco-friendly way of charging their mobile phones. Ultimately SOLAIR + wants to revolutionise the way users charge and use devices, whilst still creating a positive impact on the environment and a better future for the next generation.

Christopher Guest – Internet of Waste

An intelligent waste management platform comprising connected level sensors in bins with a platform to collect, aggregate and clean the sensor data. This data will then be used by intelligent applications to optimise bin collection schedules and routes as well as schedule long term planning for waste management.

Daniel Woloch – Voyage

Voyage wants to create a platform to increase supply chain transparency through the use of Blockchain technology.  Each product would have its own provenance resulting in consumers and companies better understanding where their products come from. This greater transparency in the consumer market would empower customers to make decisions based on the environmental and moral impact of a product.

Ishan Khurana – A Map to Breathe

A Map to Breathe will use low-cost high accuracy gas sensors and single board computers to measure the indoor air quality in low-income housing with poor ventilation (eg tower blocks, ex council blocks).  It will create a 3D map of air quality, enabling us to strategically position certain types of plants in pollutant hotspots to improve indoor air quality. This will help to mitigate the unintended consequences and health risks associated with low ventilation and poor air quality that arise from retrofitting energy efficiency measures.

William Helme – Metronome

Metronome is a digital control system that uses cloud infrastructure to help balance the UK’s electrical power transmission network. Metronome seeks to accelerate the movement away from traditional balancing techniques by aggregating small distributed assets across the country. Using closed-loop feedback and cloud infrastructure, Metronome provides, in effect, a virtual power plant which can respond in real time to demands on the network

Alborz Bozorgi – Twipes


Twipes are bringing toilet paper into the 21st century. Most ‘flushable’ wipes take 4-12 months to break down. Twipes are antibacterial, moist toilet wipes that are fully water dispersible within just 3 hours. This project will develop the product for use in offices, hotels and restaurants with a wifi enabled digital sensor that sends alerts when the roll is running low.

The next deadlines for project applications to The Environment Now is 14 November 2017.

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