The National Youth Agency’s Our Bright Future project is called The Environment Now.  It is run in partnership with O2 Think Big and will support groups of young people aged 17 – 24 to develop sustainable solutions to pressing environmental challenges.

The Environment Now, an exciting opportunity from O2’s Think Big in partnership with the National Youth Agency, brings together O2’s digital expertise and environmental leadership with the NYA’s commitment to championing youth work.  The programme provides support and funding for young people aged 17-24 years to create  unique digital ideas to help the environment, such as improving energy efficiency, reducing waste, or recycling.

The Environment Now is receiving around £1million through Our Bright Future to help young people step up and create what is rightfully theirs: a healthy planet, a thriving economy and a better future.

Building on 5 years’ experience of providing grants, training and support to enable young people to lead positive social change on the Think Big programme, The Environment Now is providing up to £10k together with training and wrap around support for 50 young people to develop their ideas, confidence and skills to become sustainability leaders of the future.

Take a look at the Go Think Big website for more details.

Grants announced!

We’ve announced two rounds of green tech projects under The Environment Now. The projects range from a virtual reality sewer experience to a smart plug which allows users to utilise appliances at points of low energy demand. Read more on the projects we’re funding here and hereTake a look at our launch video here.



Our Bright Future

The Environment Now is part of Our Bright Future, a £33 million programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund and run by a consortium of eight organisations which is led by The Wildlife Trusts.

Our Bright Future aims to tackle three big challenges facing society today – a lack of social cohesion, a lack of opportunities for young people and vulnerability to climate change. Thirty one youth-led projects across the UK are each receiving around £1m of funding to give young people the skills and knowledge to improve their local environments – from reducing marine pollution to minimising food waste.

This young, ambitious and capable movement is ensuring this generation’s voice is heard in the current debates around environmental improvements and a resource-efficient economy.

We aim for our project to have the following outcomes:

  • 50 young people will have developed projects that address an environmental challenge through the development of a digital product or service.
  • 100 sustainability students will attend Hackathon sessions.
  • 1500 young people will participate in inspiration sessions.
  • 8 Hackathon events will be run across four universities.
  • 60 inspiration sessions will be delivered in regions across the UK.
  • 50 young people will have received mentor support.
  • 50 young people will have attended an insight session.
  • 50 young people will have accessed at least one day work experience within O2/sustainability organisation.
  • 165 young people will actively participate in the projects.
  • 420 will collaborate with project activity.
  • 10,500 people will be impacted by the project.

See our launch press release.

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