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Shared Values


The active involvement of children and young people is of benefit to them, the wider community and the organisation or partnership and what it wants to achieve. It is vital to have strong agreement about the shared values so that there is unity of purpose, resolve to put in the required resources and commitment to make sure children and young people most often left out are included and responded to. There also needs to be honesty about what can and cannot be changed and what the limitations are due to the organisation’s responsibilities.



1.1 - The participation of children and young people is a central commitment of the organisation

1.2 - The organisation defines its shared values for children and young people’s participation (See Hear by Right Shared Values table)

1.3 - The organisation adopts the Convention on the Rights of the Child, recognising Article 12s central role


1.4 - Children and young people take part in reviewing and agreeing the shared values for the active involvement of children and young people

1.5 - The shared values are made visible and accessible to a wide range of staff and children and young people by, for example, mission statement, charter, pledge or entitlement card


1.6 - Shared values are agreed with partner organisations and community groups

1.7 - The agreed shared values are used to set policy and review performance across the organisation and with partners