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Hear by Right in Museums

A new briefing shows how Hear by Right the participation framework for young people from the National Youth Agency and the Local Government Association can help ensure compliance and best practice on the safe, sound and sustainable participation of children and young people in museums.

Aimed at strategic leads and executive managers it draws on successful examples of using Hear by Right at strategic and operational levels.

It explores the requirement for museums to involve children and young people, the benefits of this participation, how to embed participation, improving participation by using Hear by Right and top tips on using Hear by Right.

Hear by Right in Museums (Dec 2010) is available a s a free download.

Stories of the World

A new publication from the National Youth Agency and Museums, Libraries and Archives explores Stories of the World a unique and exciting project that uses the agency¹s Hear by Right participation framework, developed with the Local Government Association, to inspire museums to work with young people to dig into the past and dust it off.

The book focuses on five projects in Bolton, Northern Ireland, London, Bradford and Glasgow where young people have used their imagination to design and develop their own series of exhibitions.


Stories of the World (Dec 2010) is available as a free download.