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NYA comment on the Government's youth unemployment measures

29 November 2011

Fiona Blacke, National Youth Agency chief executive, comments on the £1billion investments int oreducing youth unemployment:

 “The scourge of youth unemployment is, we believe, the greatest threat to our future prosperity. To have a significant proportion of young people without a job and without hope, is something we mustn't allow to happen.

At the National Youth Agency we feel the £1billion investment pledged today to support employers in hiring young people is a positive start.
We hope the business community welcomes this as an opportunity to invest in developing its workforce and our country’s young people. However we know that disadvantaged young people need other kinds of support to help them secure and retain a foothold in the labour market and in some areas funding for youth workers and Connexions personal advisers is being cut disproportionately.
We also know from research from our O2 Think Big project recently identified that 54 per cent of young people are considering moving abroad to find work, we feel it would be a huge loss is talented and able young people leave this country so we need to make sure they have the opportunities to make them want to stay.
There is no guarantee that the Youth Contract will provide young people with a full employment at the end of it, but we hope it will provide them with the essential experience needed for gaining work in the future.
That said this may not be enough and we hope if youth unemployment rises, or even remains at the current levels, government will act fast and prioritise development of further programme that ensure all young people gain a foot hold on the employment ladder.”