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Youth of Today Case Studies

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National recognition for Young People’s leadership


The Youth of Today project has identified young people taking significant

leadership roles and making a real impact on local decision making. The

National Youth Agency would like to profile these young people and their

stories to give national recognition to young people’s contributions that have

made a local impact.


If you know of young people who have been involved in leading, shaping and

developing services or have campaigned and challenged decision makers we

would like to hear from you.


This comes at a time when many youth services and local youth organisations

are under threat and our sector needs to profile the excellent work of young

people and demonstrate the role of youth work in enabling this.


The NYA will post a selection of case studies on the Global Optimist website, we will also give individual certificates to

young people recognising their contribution as part of The Youth of Today.

If you would like to send in your case study showing young people's
* Fill in the attached case study form
* Provide the details of young people involved on the Certificate
details form
* Send to

We will then view the case study and send certificates to young people
who have made a leadership contribution.
We may also put your case study on the Global Optimist website. 

For more information please contact Maxine Green –

Or visit our website

You can download a case study form to fill in here

You can get a form to let us know who to send the certificates to here