Blog: NYA and O2 – Powering a Generation

  This blog post was first posted last year but we are re-posting it to celebrate 7 years of working with O2. We are incredibly proud of our long term partnership with O2. For over five years we have worked together to support young people to start small and Think Big. By providing seed funds

Blog: young people and the new geography of disadvantage

The Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission recently released some interesting data. It ranked each of the local authorities in England in terms of the social mobility prospects of disadvantaged children in their area, mapping the ‘new geography of disadvantage’.

Blog: Government’s Life Chances programme – will it tackle inequality?

David Cameron’s recent speech on Life Chances was a welcome departure. This government has not made many announcements on improving the prospects of the very poorest in our community so it was refreshing to hear the Prime Minister engage with the subject and acknowledge that state has a role in tackling poverty.

Guest blog: Not bigger than the organisation  

This guest blog is by Michael Bracey, acting chair of the NYA.

Guest Blog: Youth Services must show evidence of positive impact to survive

This blog post by Michael Bracey, NYA acting chair, was originally published in Children and Young People Now magazine.

Blog: Jon Boagey on the challenges of developing a SIB

There’s been lots of interest recently in the work we’re doing to develop a social impact bond.  I’ve met sceptics, enthusiasts and those at the coalface: from those who just think it is all ‘funny money’ (remember that expression?!) to others who see themselves as pioneers. 

Blog: Let’s target social action at the young people who need it most

It is #iwill week and a celebration of social action. The concept of social action has come a long way in the past decade. In the last few years it has been talked about as the answer to everything from youth unemployment to social mobility. But can social action really bring benefits to young people

Blog: Craig Smith – Every day is Takeover Day on Think Big

‘For young people, by young people’, that’s the mantra at O2 Think Big. As a previous Think Big project leader I was totally inspired by what a company like O2 in partnership with NYA were doing. In fact, I was so impressed that when the opportunity to join the team arose, I grabbed it with

Blog post: Youth Work Week – Have Your Voice Heard

Youth Work Week has arrived and with it the theme, Have Your Voice Heard. It’s topical right now as young people’s voice is becoming harder to hear.

Blog: Sexting – Ten year police record is a harsh lesson

A 14 year-old boy has got a police record after sexting a 14 year-old girl in his class. Although he wasn’t charged the crime of ‘making an indecent image of a child’ will remain on his record for 10 years, potentially affecting his future employment choices.