Fiona’s Blog: It’s Youth Work Week!

This week is Youth Work Week. It’s the 21st year we’ve held it and it’s getting bigger every year.

Fiona’s blog: Votes for 16-17 year olds – can politicians handle it?

Depending on your viewpoint one of the most welcome positives emerging from the Scottish referendum last week was 16 year olds voting for the first time.  About 100,000 under 18s registered to vote – 80% of all those eligible. 

Blog: Fiona Blacke on 50 Faces of Youth Work

I think most people agree that now is a difficult time to be a youth worker. Cuts to youth services are widespread and many in our profession are facing an uncertain future.

Blog: Fiona Blacke on youth work in the Rotherham inquiry

In light of the shocking revelations resulting from the inquiry into the child sex exploitation in Rotherham, all our thoughts turn to how agencies can prevent this abuse happening again. One of the few groups who emerge from this report unscathed are local youth workers

Blog: Fiona Blacke on social action and employment

It is a very difficult time to be young. The recession has hit young people particularly hard, with youth unemployment hovering just below a million and not showing much response to the green shoots of recovery.

Blog: Fiona Blacke on the new Neets data

New government data shows that the number of young people aged 16-18 years old and not in education, employment or training is the lowest for 20 years. These reductions are really welcome and hopefully it’s a trend that will continue.