Blog: Use your voice and vote!

Politics and voting is a hot topic right now. Millions of people will be marching down to their local polling stations tomorrow to get their voices heard and have their say on who should be running the country for the next five years.

Blog: So why don’t young people vote?

SO! On the 5 February it’s national voter registration day. It’s a big day for a lot of people, just-turned-18-ers, politicians, civil servants and more. You name them, it’ll affect them.

Takeover blog alert! Alex Quang on the powerful voice of young people

Today is Takeover Day and I’ve decided to hijack the NYA blog page and talk a little bit about how the NYA is allowing young people to take over at every possible stage.

Blog: depression – I’m still learning to cope

In light of recent events, with the suicide of an international superstar and comedy and improv legend, Robin Williams and World Mental Health Day there will undoubtedly be thousands upon thousands of blogs popping up all over the internet about the topics of suicide, depression and celebrities. It’s broken my heart that one of my

“But I swear you don’t get paid to volunteer? What’s the point, fam?”

So while my system at work seems to be having a heart attack (which in turn is going to give me a heart attack) I thought I’d write about something close to my heart. Volunteering.